Friday, June 21, 2013

Up In Flames by Nicole Williams
***** Original and Different!

Ah what a nice change of pace, this was a really fun read, lighter than my previous read just what I was in the mood for. I liked the premise of this story too, smokejumpers, a girl in a small town and a boy she thought she was in love with since kindergarten. Yes the love triangle is alive and well, and I was excited for it. They are both amazing guys just in different ways. One is more conservative in his views, kind, and the all around Mr. American type. While the other is a risk taker and smokejumper, passionate, gorgeous, and sees things in Elle that no one else seems to see or get. Elle is the good girl who does everything right and tries to please everyone else, to the point she doesn't know what she wants for herself. She is promised to one, but finds she likes what the other brings out in her. One expects her to be what he thinks she should be and the other sees the real Elle trying to figure out what she wants. Really enjoyed this triangle of love as Elle searches her heart and lets it lead the way.

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