Friday, June 21, 2013

Relentless by Cassia Leo
***** Beautiful Stars!

What a story! Claire has had a hard life her mother dies when she is seven, and she is bounced around from one foster care home to the next. She finally arrives at her last home wondering how long this will last. She is very hesitant and anxious around boys/men. Her mother has taught her how to "be safe." This has lead to many problems in previous foster homes. Her new home though has Chris he is about her age and really gets her. Over time they fall in love. Claire wants to go off to college and Chris wants to go on the road with his band and music. Claire and her amazing big heart decides that she will break up with him so he can his dream. I loved Claire she is a beautiful tortured soul, she has secrets that she holds on to that almost ruin her relationship with Adam. She is no wimp, but yet she is goodhearted, and someone you find yourself cheering for and hoping everything will turn out okay. Sometimes I wish she would just tell Adam her secret because gosh darn it I wanted to know too. Clair is great though she is corky, silly and meditative. I also loved how she would quote movies, and Adam would get it. Adam the man is hot and stalkish in a good way. He is so sweet with Clair, but he to has secrets and serious anger issues. I loved how they are patient with each other and don't give up. They give each other the space they need yet are there for each other. Their's is a beautiful love story of hope, love, loss, secrets, and trust. It is beautifully written, I didn't want to put it down. Characters where all wonderful besides Adam, Chris and Claire, Clair's best friend Senia, is the best friend a person could have. Clair with all her issues is blessed with a wonderful, fun , smart friend like Senia. Senia tells it how it is and helps Clair see how life is and could be is she will have a little faith in it. Really a wonderful story, go read it:D

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