Friday, June 21, 2013

Tangled by Emma Chase
***.5 -****
3.5-4 Stars
This one was a little bit of a rough start for me. I normally love, love love the male POV in stories, I love that we can have insight into their inter workings. With that said though, I had a hard time liking Drew's voice. For me he came off so arrogant, as well as confident. I get why he was arrogant being doted over and made a little prince as a child. It still just annoyed me! His perspective on women or most women,was a little harsh basically only good for one thing and that would be sex. However as the story progresses, I get use to Drew's voice and enjoy watching him humbled by Katherine. It was fun to watch them fight, banter, tell each other no way and make up. In the end it was a hilarious, eye rolling, LOL, sweet, enjoyable read.

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