Friday, June 21, 2013

Real by Katy Evans
***** Amazing Stars

Really, Really enjoyed this one! Loved,loved,loved!!! This was just great,okay I think I have gushed enough. I loved all the sexual tension between these two. This book has you drawn in just from the first few pages, and then its all over after that, could not put this one down. The writing is beautiful and the characters are tragically endearing. I loved Remington, he is flawed, damaged, broken in someways, possessive, kind, and totally sweet and at times over the top with Brooke. I loved it all. The emotions that run up and down and around with Remi are just crazy endearing. He is a underground fighter and is totally hot, his body is machine and a weapon that he takes care of and makes a living with. Brooke is at one of his fights, which is not her normal venue but her friend drags her along. When there eye's connect there is an instant connection or understanding of each others brokenness. Remi hires Brooke as his sports physical trainer. Brooke is just great too, you see her struggle with her feelings and do stupid a couple of times,as she tries to understand Remi. I loved there emotional connection and how they both try so hard to overcome there hurts. I was always excited when the scenes would come were they would share music with each other. I loved how it was how they spoke to each other this way, it was a safe way to tell each other how they felt. Remi is supper crazy possessive when it comes to Brooke and as you read you will understand, its not a bad thing, it is just the way he is. My heart went out to Remi he is so broken and perfectly flawed, and has made something out of himself, I was proud of him. They love each other so much and are really good for one another. Really, really good read, not to be missed!

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