Friday, June 21, 2013

Wreck Me by J.L. Mace

So the first 10% of this book was rough for me. It felt a little disjointed, slow and I really wasn't sure if I was going to like Josephine our main character. I decided though that I would not give up, there were so many glowing reviews so I kept on reading and guess what......I am so glad I did. This really was a good story, the characters were amazing and the writing and disjointedness just disappears. Maybe the book just had stage fright for the first 10% then it just settled write in to something I really did want to read.
Josephine is orphaned young do to a devastating accident. She is put in an orphanage and foster homes, but she runs away and takes care of herself. I don't want to give the plot away so I think I will for go it. If the book summary sounds good to you then you will definitely like the book. Now as for the characters: loved them. Suttan Is Josephine's boss at the book store. I loved their banter and their none conventional relationship he was her, boss, father figure and family rolled up into one. Yet they never let the emotions really show, just a nice gentle understanding that they are there for one another. Gramms is Damon's grandmother lol she is quite the woman, I will save her for you to read about she is great. Damon is hot and way way Alpha male!! He is hot oh I said that already...he is. He is such the package tall, dark, handsome, rich, generous, kind, giving, sensual, needy/hungry for Josephine, oh and one last thing hot,lol. And tortured, simply perfect. I really liked his whole Alpha male, me cave man, you cave woman I will take care of what is mine. Made me smile, I know I am so predictable:D On to Josephine, she is a mess, that I at first didn't appreciate. I get her life was a mess and boy it would be after all that she went through. I found in the end I really did come to like her, and understand her. Loved her fierce devotion for those she loved. She is way flawed, tortured, and endearing. She says it how it is in a not so politically or polite way most times. I liked her. This ended up being a really enjoyable read for me. Oh one more thing yes there is instant love, and it works, I thought. As funny as this sounds I will probable reread this one at some point, I really like the magic and relationship between Josephine and Damon.

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