Friday, June 21, 2013

Fighting For Flight by J.B. Salsbury
***** Amazing Stars!

This is not my normal read but it sounded so interesting. Raven's mom is a prostitute and her father is her mothers pimp.....and then they have Raven. Raven's father Dominic has a purpose for this and he is, ugh the worst/evilest/grossest book villain, hated him, but he definitely keeps the story interesting. Really your own flesh and blood....HATE,HATE, HATE HIM!!! Raven is amazing, she grows up with a mother who doesn't want her a dad she doesn't know (good thing)and yet she manages to be a good person. She works for Guy at his car garage as a mechanic, he is more of a father figure to her and a really good guy. She lives above the shop in a little flat. One day while working a truck pulls up, she can tell the make and model just from the sound. Guy haulers for her to come help, and the next thing she knows she is staring into the beautiful gray eye's of the Assassin UCF fighter Jonah Slade. Immediately you can sense the electric pull these two have. Jonah is hot, beautiful, and has some major women issues. It was fun to watch how he reacted to these issues and over came them, made me laugh. He is really an amazing guy, and how he treats Raven, perfection in a book guy. Raven is a wonderful character I loved watching her grow in her confidence. She was a strong confident woman before Jonah but with him you see the confidence bloom into something even more beautiful. Jonah is like a warm balm to her life long pain and loneliness. When they are together it is amazing and hot! They definitely have their ups and downs, but they are magical when they realize how much they love each other. They do have to deal with her dad which puts Jonah in a compromising situation, and what will he do. This story has some twist and turns that I did not see coming. In fact couldn't believe the one, yikes. Really well done, enjoyed every minute of reading it didn't/couldn't put it down. So excited for book two.

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