Friday, June 21, 2013

The Forever of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen
***** 5 Stars Loved It!

Loved it! Amazing!

"You and I, good or bad belong together. We make each other whole." Yep that is Ella and Micha and I love them. There relationship is real and raw. Jessica does an amazing job making me vested in these two characters. Micha, Micha, Micha bad boy with heart and eyes only for Ella. I have to say I love his pet name for her "Pretty Girl" on any other character I don't think I would like it but imagining him saying it to her makes me all gooshy, lol. Not to say they don't have there problems because they do between the two of them there is a huge pile up of issues past and present. They both do their share of stupid to ruin it. I have to say though that Ella about broke his heart and mine. She has such a hard time trusting that she is worthy of being loved by someone. *she needs more hugs:)* Mich though is a champion at reassuring her and loving her through it all. I loved how he gets her, knows what she is thinking and know exactly how she will react. I was so happy to see Ella find her inner strength and work on healing and finding happiness.

The did feel a little rushed, just a little. I would have loved to have been part of the wedding elopement whatever it was to be, and I would have loved to see them both a few years in the future. I picture Micha as a major recording artist and Ella as a psychologist helping others become strong. Okay my ending and closer. Whew!

Excited for book three!

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