Saturday, July 2, 2011

Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman
This book had some really funny parts to it, and was well written. I loved the friendship/ relationship between Natalie, Darcy and Chloe. They were amazing friends, who really watched out for each other, had fun together, got in trouble together, and were there for each other. They were great! The premise of the story is cute and fun. Natalie a student journalist, wants a story, a really good story about the inner workings of the male species. What does Natalie decide to do, well what any good reporter wood do, go under cover to the all male academy in town. Natalie learns a lot of things about boys as well as about herself. Along the way she falls for her cute roommate, but how will that work out for she is a boy. Quit the adventure Natalie gets herself into, but with good friends and perseverance who knows what will happen. A very cute story, reminded me of the movie "She's the Man".
Okay now the things that gave this story a 3 star rating verses higher rating. I did not like all the underage partying with alcohol, with no parental supervision. Really grated on me. Their is a lot of sexual talk that quit honestly reminded me of my little boy when he goes around talking about farts, and butts. It just wasn't very tastefull, or funny. That's just in my opinion.

fair amount of language
clean romance, but sexual talk, misunderstood situation not appropriate. Not for my teen

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