Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Gathering by Kelly Armstrong
To me this book was a breath of fresh air! Like eating French silk pie, eating every bite slowly and savoring every morsel. That's how The Gathering was for me. I was completely sucked in by page 7.I loved the relationship building in this book, it felt so real to me. Maya is a strong girl who speaks her mind, in a good way, and enjoys family friends and the great outdoors. She is also loyal, smart, and has a great attitude. Daniel, is an amazing friend, protective of those he cares about, and has a less than perfect home life. Rafe is the gorgeous bad boy with questions and answers for Maya. In this first book there is a lot of Character and relationship building. The story/plot is not quick in forming,but seems rather to be pacing itself, for all three books before it will completely materialize. This has a great romance evolving as well. I can hardly wait for the next book!!

Mild language
clean romance, one make out scene that was more than I would want my daughter to read but no great detail. ( I am picky)

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