Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lifeblood by Werner A. Lind
This was a delightful story, about vampires told from the more traditional folklore. The writing was wonderful and flowed so smoothly, and had such a wonderful descriptive nature to it. This is a story about a women named Ana who is forced into becoming a vampire. Her back-story is so sad and tragic, but yet hopeful. Ana has amazing kindness, strength, courage and love. I really came to care for her, and wanted life to be good for her, and some how be different for her. I felt sorry for her, she seems so human and so gracious and yet so stuck in her situation. Unlike most vampires she survives off animals and not humans.Joshua is the amazing man in this story, he is patient, kind, god fearing, hardworking, willing to sacrifice and in love with Ana. Theirs is a sweet love story. Joshua amazes me at one point in this story,it was so touching. This story has lots of mystery and suspense to it as it unfolds it's self. This story has deeper meaning as well, one for instance that I thought about was, what does it mean to be human or monster? I absolutely loved how it all played out to a wonderful, wonderful ending!

2 language issues
clean romance

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  1. I like the sound of traditional vampires. Nice post :D

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