Saturday, July 2, 2011

Die For Me by Amy Plum
author gives us through Kate's eyes. I was there and now I really want to go their( even more than I did before I read this book, if that's possible.) I loved all the characters, we have obviously the main character Kate and Vincent, but all the supporting characters were wonderful and I felt vested in them. I wanted things to work out for them. Kate is fragile and week to start with, but has an inner strength that pulls her through with the help of gorgeous Vincent. Considering losing both her parents I could understand why she and her sister act the way they do. Vincent is gorgeous,( did I say that all ready LOL) tall dark handsome and mysterious, with a look of danger hmmm, sounds perfect! He is a great guy who is flawed but is wonderful to Kate and his friends, totally full of chivalry and swoon worthy. I like the paranormal aspect in this story it was different than others I have read. It was cool to see what mysterious non human he was, I liked it. Great story of good and evil, with a really sweet romance! Loved it can't wait for the 2nd one!!

language less than a handful
clean romance

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