Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunshine by Robin McKinley
This book!!!! I was hoping for a lot better read than what I got!! I had picked it up at the book store and read a couple of pages and thought this sounds kind of interesting and good. I have other of her books and have heard good things about those books from friends. Well that's about all it lasted was a chapter or two. This book I found to be incredibly boring, and repetition. Sunshine bakes and bakes and bakes some more. When the story wasn't about her and the Cafe she was off on these adventures that were, I don't know whats the word over described or things were brought up that just had now point to the story or were not made interesting enough for me to even care they were in the story. I found myself skipping paragraphs, and then pages and finally I just really don't care what happens to Sunshine and Con. I guess it will forever be a mystery to me and Oh well. I hate not finishing a book, I like to finish what I start, but I'm done!!:)

Mild language
And not a clean read, sexual content

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