Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Season of Eden by Jennifer Laurens
When I had first stumbled upon this book I wasn't sure I would read it or not, it being a story of student / teacher relationship. However the reviews put me at ease Eden is 18 and James is 22, still not ethical but at least not perverted. This is a fun coming of age love story. I liked how Eden could see her immaturity at times and tried to change for the better. I totally enjoyed this story, It reminded me of when I was 17, we had a cute student teacher for the semester all the girls where crushing on him ( as far as I know he behaved himself:). Except for the ending, I want a second book please!! I like closer, no closer here. Still even with the ending I am so glad I read it.

no language
the obvious student /teacher relationship, sexual tension, talk of hooking up, not for my teen, but clean for an adult

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