Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Girl In The Steel Corset By Kady Cross

This was my first Steam Punk read, and I have to say, I completely enjoyed it. I like how you have the Victorian setting in England during the 1800's but there are also some of the machines from today, howbeit somewhat in crude form. It was interest to see what new mechanical device would appear next. This story is about Finley who is a strong, independent, kind, and stubborn girl who has trust issues, and is going through changes she can not explain. Through certain events she is quite literally put in the path of the handsome and wealthy Griffin Duke of Greythorne. He noticed she has special abilities and tells her she is like him and his friends, and that she should stay with them. Which true enough Griffin does have an amazing group of friends, who are unique with special abilities. We have Sam, who is strong and willing to sacrifice his life for his friends. He at times is very annoying, stubborn, full of chivalry and naive. Emily is a cute little thing good friend, smart, kind, and willing to sacrifice for others. Jasper is witty, handsome, fast and a good friend. Griffin is the glue in a sense that holds them all together, he is smart, handsome,full of chivalry, kind and good to others. I really enjoyed his character a lot. Finley is fun to watch. She is now on the adventure of her life, trying to figure out what is going on with herself, wondering whom she can and can not trust and what to think of feelings toward certain men in her life. Oh I cannot forget Jack Dandy, he is an interesting character who Finely has some associations with, must say quite intriguing. The group of friends must figure out their loyalties to each other as they let Finley into their group, of which they know very little about. Griffin also has a case to solve concerning the Machinist, and it is quite personal.
This was a such a fun an intriguing read, writing was great and flowed smoothly. My favorite part of this book were the characters, and how well developed they each were. The relationships and dialog amongst them was great. Felt like I was right there with them. Story was intriguing with lots of twist and turns. There is a wonderful romance or two a brewing, which is what I love, could have a little more in this one, but I have great hopes that the next book will have even more. A definite must read!

Some language
Clean romance

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