Saturday, July 2, 2011

Magic Hands by Jennifer Laurens
The cover on this book had steered me away from it, not into the hole groping thing. In this case the old saying don't judge a book by it's cover is true. I had read Mrs. Laurens book "A Season of Eden" totally enjoyed it and decided to try another. This is a fun lite read, great escapism reading and I enjoyed every minute of it. The the main characters Rachel and Cort were fun, Cort's the jock, and Rachel is smart, and has depth. They both have liked each other from a safe distance. Each wonders how something more can ever get started since they each run in different circles.I also really liked the fact that this story is told from both Rachel and Cort's different perspectives. I find it's not that often that we get the guys perspective. You will quickly figure out why the title is called magic hands (it's actually quite funny). Oh, the things Cort gets himself into, but it is not as the cover implies. Great prose very quick read and totally fun romance!

very mild language
clean romance for adult. talk of hooking up/ wanting to hook up, sexual tension, not for my teen.

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