Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Forgotten Locket by Lisa Mangum

Absolutely amazing!! I have loved this story from the first book. It just keeps getting better and better with each book, if that's possible. I love the premise of the story, time travel through a time machine made by Da Vinci, brilliant! The world that Mrs. Mangum creates on the bank of the river and the river it's self was wonderful. I could picture this amazing river, flowing and rumbling with the pictures of time. Now however the river of time is in danger and Abby, and Dante need to heal it and close the circle of time. This final book in the Hour Glass series takes us on the complex journey of saving time, and all the things that our favorite characters; Abby, Dante, Orlando,Val, Lorenzo(not so favorite/with wrong goals in mind, he is a great villain I have to admit) will go through and what sacrifices they will make to accomplish their goals. From the first page I was riveted and so anxious this story just plows through were it left off. I love Abby and Dante's love and caring nature for each other, the author does a great job showing us how much they love and care for each other. Abby is still that strong and vivacious, girl willing to do what ever to save those she loves. Dante is strong, confident, amazing, and gentle with Abby so swoon worthy. They have the love that dreams are made of. Orlando was great in this story too, and some things are revealed to help round out his character and fill in the lope holes or questions I had about him. Great description throughout story as well felt like I was there for all these wonderful and anxious moments that happend. I am actually sad to leave these characters that I enjoyed so much! I loved how it all ended,it was wonderful! Thanks Lisa for such an amazing journey through the Hourglass Door!

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