Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lemniscate by Jennifer Murgia
The story of Teagan, Garreth, Brynn, Ryan and a few new characters continues. What a story it is! Once again Mrs Murgaia weaves an amazing and thought provoking tale, of relationships and how each touches an others life. The balance of light and darkness, what control one has over how much light and darkness one allows to exists within ones self are at the heart of this story for these characters. There where several times I thought I saw what was coming only to have it turn out totally different. A definite page turner! One part of the story was hard for me to relate to, early on things happen with Teagan and Garreth's relationship considering how long they have known each other I was some what surprised at how it was handled. Probably just because if it were me I would have reacted differently. Don't want to spoil anything so that is all I will say. I love the authors writing style and how the words so effortlessly flow on the page! Great story!

Clean language
Clean romance

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