Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stolen by Lucy Christopher
*spoiler alert* Stolen, I can't believe you are over! What a riveting, heart wrenching, loving, angry, hating story you are. This story left me feeling so many conflicting emotions! Ty, he is wrong in what he does, and you hate him for it. I think what is the most bothersome, is that Ty grew up in a terrible environment, parents abandon him, He raises himself and has a warped since of love and certain aspects of reality.Then he goes on to make some really messed up choices. There are so many things I wish could have been different,I wish Ty and Gemme could have had a healthy relationship. You since if things had been different they might have had a chance. This story does make you care for Ty and you want him to find love and be loved. UUGH!! Gemme, what person wants to go through the nightmare that she did. She was strong, courageous and never gave up. You love her for her strength and humanity. Gemme will always be haunted by what happened to her because of Ty. Just like Ty will always be haunted by his past. What a tragedy! This may only be a story but for many out there it is a reality!

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