Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
The Kingdom of Xyian is left in the hands of Xylara's, half brother, who knows virtually nothing about running the kingdom, and is on the brink of losing it altogether. Lara has learned the art of healing. She helps those that need help including their prisoners that have been taken in during this war. she is kind, tries to learn their language, and help them to heal from there injuries. They are a little confused at her willingness to help them as well as her methods for healing. In the end they are greatful to her for saving their lives and limbs. The Warlord offer a cease-fire on conditions that he can have Xylara, as the Warprize. The king can't refuse such an offer, and sends his sister to the Warlord, as the Warprize. Lara thinks she is to be his slave, but is still willing to do this thing to keep the peace and save her people.
This was a delightful story of love, two peoples trying to come together and form a strong nation. This process however is not easy and there are many adventures along the way. I loved learning the customs of the Firelanders, they are set up similar to a tribal society. I loved the part in the story were they do Pattern Dancing and I had to laugh at the token bucket, sometimes. The characters in this story are so richly developed, and I loved them all. Marcus Keir's(warlord) friend and do it all guy, was great! he was funny, witty, clever, and an amazing friend to both Keir and Lara. I loved Xylara, she was smart,and strong, self sacrificing for the over all good of everyone, in love, and scared at times, but so courageous. Keir is one of my favorite male heroes so strong, full of chilvary, takes care of his people, in love, and oh so sensitive and gentle with Lara and her needs. *swoon* So many other amazing character in this story that I love, I will leave you to explore and get to know them yourselves. I loved everything about this story, it was really well written and the plot was interesting, the romance was perfect not to much, but not to little either. I look forward to enjoying the rest of this series.

few language issues
Clean romance does push it alittle
Adult read

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