Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I really enjoy this serious, it has depth, great plot, and characters you know and care about, plus the added bonus it's a romance. This story takes off were it left off.Bryn is Alpha of the Cedar Ridge Pack, and getting accustomed to what that means to her the human non werewolf girl. I really like Bryn she is spunky, smart, speaks her mind, cares about whats hers, has a big heart, and is willing to sacrifice. She has lots of responsibility to her pack, and she takes it seriously. This story has an appearance of a mysteries girl, and a mysterious wolf boy who shows up on their front doorstep. Who is this mysterious boy who as been beaten, who sent him and why. This story was a tangled web of pure adventure and mystery and I loved every moment of it. The ending through me for a loop I had no idea that was going to happen! Bryn uses her wits, smarts and knowledge she has learned from dear old Cullen to unravel all the threats facing her and her pack, it takes time and is a process that we the reader get to enjoy right along with Bryn. There is a wonderful romance to to this story, being Chase and Bryn, I love their deep connection, like they know what each other needs before it is even spoken. Chase is beautiful, tortured, strong, gentle, and swoon worthy. Chase is a perfect match for Bryn he is her quite strength. I love Ms. Barnes writing style, great description, words flow smoothly from the pages. Great sequel and I hope PLEASE LET THERE BE A THIRD BOOK!! from what I could find there is no definite third book yet. So, so good!!

no language
clean romance

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